Gaming in education and why we are doing it all wrong

Remember the days when you liked to play? Wait! Probably, you still love it. You ever thought why do we love games so much? Having a clear goal, winning the big prize and beating your friends are some of the main reasons. But, the main reason is the thrill of making a decision and wait for its result without the fear of doing a mistake. However, when education companies decided to implement gaming elements in their learning program they forgot that small but so important element.

Since few years ago Gamification became the hottest trend in education technology in an effort to create more engagement and motivation of students. In simple words gamification means implementing gaming elements in a digital platform. Every education technology company promised that their platform has the best gamification layer that helps students learn while feeling that they are playing a game. However, if you ever visited one of those platforms the only thing that is similar between games and the different platforms are the points, trophies and leaderboard elements. But, still (like in traditional learning) everyone has the same route with exactly the same exercises to solve. The main piece of gaming is missing.

The main reason we love games so much are the fact that we a personal path in which every few seconds we need to make a decision and immediately we observe the result — an immediate feedback on our actions — amazing! It is actually the only time in life we are not afraid to make a mistake — what a great tool for teaching. Everyone knows that we learn the most and faster when we are not afraid to make a mistake. Moreover, decision making is one of the most necessary skills for the future as we are making much more changes and decisions than our ancestors (for example, we change more jobs).

That is exactly the reason we decided to create a learning experience that includes the important parts of gaming. Our learners go through different learning paths based on the decisions they make along the way. In addition, we help them to be ready for the real world, by freeing the fear of making a mistake and just take a try.

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