Everything you Must Know About Career Networking

Throughout the history of human kind networking have been important in order to learn about great opportunities and seize them. These days of the COVID-19 are a great opportunity to expand you network. This is why I decided to write a full post on networking, which is an important part in our career guide.
In this post you will learn:

The Importance of Networking

According to LinkedIn Research more than 60% of professionals globally agree that regular online interaction with their network can lead to possible job opportunities. Actually, it makes a lot of sense; assume that you work in Google, and one day you hear about an open position in the company which one of friends might be a good candidate for. Wouldn’t you tell him or her about it? Try to push their CVs to the top of the pile? Talk with the hiring manager about them? Of course! And that is the best explanation why you should invest time and effort in your network. Just think how easy would it be to find your next job if you have friends in 15 companies. If you still need another reason, according to CareerBuilder82% of employers rated employee referrals above all other sources for generating the best return on investment (ROI).

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The Importance of Networking
The Importance of Networking

Where and When to Network

First, you m-u-s-t have a profile on LinkedIn, the biggest professional network nowadays. Most High-Tech companies have presence in LinkedIn, they also post news about their products and open positions in LinkedIn. Make sure to maintain your profile since this page is going to be the first think people see when you reach out to them. Need help making your profile look great? Leave a comment below or drop us a massage at our FB page.

Next, search for meetups and conferences relevant to your chosen industry or dream position. You can search for it in social platform groups, blogs. Now, due to the COVID-19 all meetups and conferences are going virtual, but they are still happening! Use the fact that you can attend it from your own home and save a lot of time to attend many of them.

Another great option is to listen to podcasts. There are thousands of interesting podcasts about any industry and any topic. Just start browsing them, listen to them on your way to work or while you workout. In any case, make sure you actively listening and write down any interesting name that comes up. You probably would want also to write the names of the guest and host 馃檪

Upgrade your social profile
Upgrade your social profile

How to Expand your Network

Ok, so you have worked hard on updating your social profiles and on finding the right events. Now, it is the time to understand how to create an initial contact. If it through a social platform start by sending friend request to people that work in your chosen industry or wanted position. When they accept it (trust me, most of them will), send them 1-2 sentences about yourself (not more!), 1-2 sentences about the industry or position you are exploring and close it by asking 15 minutes of their time to learn from their experience in this field. In the next sections you will learn how to prepare for these calls and how to record them. It might feel weird at first, but quickly, after you’ll see how many agree, it will become a second nature for you. Assume you have a call with one person every week. In a year from now, you have spoken with 52 new people who work in an industry that excites you or a position you wish for. That is absolutely AMAZING!

If the initial contact is in an event or conference, go over the list of attendees in advance and target 5-6 people you must contact with (probably some of them will not attend). Then, when you arrive to the event use the section below to approach them and introduce yourself. Speak with confidence, explain that you explore the industry or position they work in and that you would love to meet them at a later date to learn from their expertise in the field.

In any case, do not forget to ask the other person by the end of the conversation if they can introduce you to someone they think might be relevant for you.

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How many connections do you have on LinkedIn?

Self Preparation

People want to get connected to interesting, charismatic and engaging people. It is also true when people ask you about your background or skills. While few people have it naturally, most of us don’t. While studying in MIT for the last year I learned that, luckily, we all can learn to be better at that. So, I have created a unique 2-steps method in order to get better in telling your story – comment below if it helped you. First, take a notebook and in one page write your background as a list and in a second page write 8-10 skills you have (also, as a list). Then, in each page, circle the three to four most important bullet points. The second step would be to create stories. From the background page you need to create a 4-minute story highlighting the circled bullet points. From the skills page you need to create a 2-minute story around each bullet point.

Let’s do an example. Assume that one of my top three skills is my ability to learn new materials fast and by myself. Instead of just saying it straight forward, which I heard countless times in interviews, I can tell a much more compelling story of a time when I started my first company and didn’t have money to hire a sales person, I had to learn sales from scratch using books, blogs and experienced sales people and after few weeks I was able to land my first customer. You see? That way, I proved that I have this skill while I told it in a much more interesting way. As you become better at this, start creating compelling stories for your hobbies, personal life, etc. That way, people would love to be around you, have fun to talk to you and ultimately help you.

By the way, completing this step will tremendously help you when invited to an interview.

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Big, Connected World
Big, Connected World

The Big Secret of Networking

Document. Record. Track. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to track and document any call, meeting and even new connection you are creating. Let me tell you my secret how to do it. In the last year, while I was studying in MIT and running a startup I met many people and created numerous new connections any day. At a certain point I just couldn’t remember what people are telling me, and it was embarrassing. So, I created a folder in Google Drive and called it “People”. Then, when I had a conversation or meeting with someone where they told me something important I wrote it in a file under their name (in “People” folder). That way if, for example, someone I connected with on LinkedIn told me to hear a certain podcast I remembered to tell her next time we met, what my thoughts are about it. As a result, she understood that I appreciate her advices and would invest time in helping me further.

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Next Steps

Upon completing the steps above, start telling your stories to old friends, new friends and just everyone who is willing to listen to you. Check their expressions while they listen – do they seem interested or bored? Change words, phrases until you feel that it works. Afterwards, just start have fun of networking and comment below how big your network is.

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